General world history discusses events that have happened throughout the world but on a very surface level. The Greeks sent a large wooden horse to the Trojans (parked it right outside the gates of the city one night) as a gift to a city they could not conquer by siege. Everyone knows the story, but why were the Greeks there is the first place? So what if Helen’s was a “face that launched a thousand ships” other women have probably been just as fetching. In the history of that event and every other, there are undercurrents that deserve further study. That is what the advanced placement program is all about.

World history is studied because everything that went before this day, no matter where in the world it happened, was instrumental in bringing this day about. The current conflict in the Middle East started thousands of years ago when a father rejected one son in favor of another. This fact is well known, but what about the causes of other present conflicts? What has happened in the history of those nations that makes war inevitable even in modern times? AP History is the means for a student to discover the underpinnings of modern society.

There have always been political intrigues, whispers, and little events that brought about some of the biggest events in world history. Benjamin Franklin in France is a fact not well known in history, but without his and John Adams’ work swaying the French court, it is doubtful that the United States would have won its independence. How about a few pirates in Libya holding the greatest nations of the world hostage until the US and allies sailed in and took care of business? There have always been small battles and insignificant people who decided big things. A student in AP World History has a front row seat.

The problem, as it is with all AP classes, is that the work and study are hard. Sometimes, even the most advanced students need some help to get the grades they want, and even though the classes are small, teachers do not have the time to devote enough individual time to students. That is when a savvy student who is taking the class to enhance their college resume looks to a qualified tutor.

AP tutors are more difficult to find because the students in these classes need someone who is very well versed in the subject. Atlanta Tutors provides instructors for many different kinds of classes and AP World History is one of them. The tutors who select this class as a personal strong point are able to demonstrate to the student what happened behind the scenes in history. They are able to take the subject and make it real. The political intrigue and all the rest comes to life with a qualified tutor. Tutors are especially anxious to tutor AP students because they really believe that learning is fun. If your student needs some extra instruction think about a tutor.