The Earth was formed from galactic dust particles resulting from the Big Bang billions of years ago. As the dust coalesced, the particles were attracted to one another and the core of the mass became hotter and hotter as it was compressed. The surface, which was at first molten and emitting toxic chemicals, began to harden and separate into bodies of liquid and solid. As time went on, it became the ball we now see underfoot every day and the mystery scientists are still trying to solve.

The earth is a wondrous spaceship that can be understood through Earth science classes. Although the planet is basically a rock, it is almost a living creature. Think of all the different forces that move upon the surface and swell from within. Geologists study the basic rock formations and how different events shaped what we know today. Meteorologists examine the near heavens and try to determine how the different levels of atmosphere influence what is happening on the surface. From the deepest core to the edge of outer space, the world is a constantly changing globe.

Students who choose to embark upon the journey that is earth sciences can explore the structure within which humans, and all other life on the planet, exist. Discoveries about how people affect the planet and how change effects life on the planet is vital to continued survival. The earth sciences give students an understanding of how they affect the planet and how they can better prepare for the changes that are happening all of the time.

Sometimes those calculations and theories just become too much for students to handle. An earth sciences course is often a required course for graduation and not every student has the extra knowledge, or interest, to do well in this area. Studies show that teachers are more responsive to students who are doing well in their classes and ask interesting questions. Whether they mean to or not, it is easy for students to lose their way in these types of classes and not be able to dig their way back out.

The solution is a tutor. Someone who knows what the individual class entails and how they can help someone who is struggling find some clarity in the chaos. Earth science tutors are the kind of people who like to dig in the dirt or follow tornadoes. They are the people who the teacher paid attention to in class because they were always at the edge of their seats. An earth science tutor can make a dull, required subject seem fun.

At Atlanta Tutors, there are any number of people who can help you or your student better understand the subject that confuses them. Earth sciences can be a difficult undertaking because the world is large and the forces are complex. It may be time to let a tutor pick you up, dust you off and set you back on the right path. Then they can weekly make sure you are staying up with the rest of the class.