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New clients must pay for at least 4 hours of tutoring in order to get started. Clients who pay for 10 hours of tutoring in one payment will receive a credit for a free 11th hour of tutoring.


1) Tutoring Hours and Billing
Once you begin to receive tutoring, you will receive an invoice every two weeks. This invoice will tell you how many hours of tutoring you received during the preceding two weeks and the credit, if any, remaining on your account as of the date of that invoice. If you have a credit on your account as of the date of the invoice, you will be eligible to continue to receive tutoring. If you do not have a credit on your account as of the date of the invoice, you will be asked to make a new payment in order to receive further tutoring.

It is the client’s responsibility to keep track of the time spent with tutor(s) and to communicate to the tutor when they want to discontinue the tutoring. Tutors are not aware of the exact number of hours prepaid for by the client and are not keeping track of how much credit the client has remaining on their account. Thus, if a client wants to receive only the exact amount of tutoring covered by their prepayment, they must keep track of the time spent with the tutor and let the tutor know when to stop the tutoring. When we become aware that you have completed your prepaid credit, we will pause your tutoring. If, however, you exceed your prepaid credit before we become aware of it, Atlanta Tutors LLC will hold you responsible for paying the balance due.

2) Cancellations
If you find it necessary to cancel a previously scheduled tutoring appointment, please give your tutor 24 hours advance notice. Clients who cancel tutoring sessions without notifying their tutor 24 hours in advance will be charged for 1 hour of tutoring.

3) Refunds
If you do not use all of the tutoring hours for which you prepay, a credit will remain on your account for future tutoring, or you can request a refund for the unused hours. Refunds will be issued after removing any credits given for free tutoring.

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