8 Reasons Your Child can Benefit from Guitar Lessons (and Where to Take Them in Atlanta!)

Playing the guitar is about more than just music! Learning to play the guitar has many benefits, especially for children, from improving concentrating and memory to inspiring creativity. The advantages to playing the guitar are more than parents might think! Here are 8 reasons your child can benefit from guitar lessons and where your child can take them in Atlanta!



When children learn to play the guitar, it will give them a sense of accomplishment outside of their academic performance. While learning to skills required to play their favorite song on guitar, they will gain confidence in themselves. This will transfer to other parts of their life, giving them the confidence to try new things, attempt things they perceive as challenging, and keep working through adversity. 


Playing the guitar requires many, many technical skills. All at once, your child will need to read the music, play the right note, use the correct finger position, stay in time with the count, and listen to the music they’re playing to ensure that it sounds as it’s supposed to. While learning to play guitar through lessons, children will also be learning to multitask, which is a skill that can be carried on throughout their life. 

Concentration & Memory

According to the American Psychological Association, learning to play an instrument as a child helps to keep the brain able to react quickly with age. But learning to play an instrument, including the guitar, is a challenging task! Through continuous lessons, children will build their concentration to reading the music, playing each note correctly, and where their fingers are on the guitar. This concentration will transfer to other parts of your child’s life! Playing the guitar uses the part of the brain that is the control center for memory, both cognitive and muscle memory. Continuous guitar lessons will train your child’s brain to activate and utilize the memory center of their brain, strengthening it. 

Appreciation of Music

Guitar lessons for children exposes them to types of music that children may not otherwise be exposed to, such as classical music. It also naturally shows them how much practice and patience it takes to create music, giving them an appreciation for the time, energy and creative knowledge musicians give to the world. 

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Creating music, especially through learning to play guitar, is linked to many health benefits. One of those being emotional health state that is improved through playing music. Offering your child guitar lessons will allow them to enter a state of flow, relaxation, and lower heart rate. It is a natural way to relieve stress and anxiety in children!

Motor Skill Improvement 

Playing the guitar is a very technical skills. It requires particular fine motor movements, with specific finger placement and strumming. Plucking the guitar during lessons will improve your child’s finger dexterity, and can have positive effects on their handwriting, fine motor, and sport skills. It also improves the flexibility in hands and wrists over time. 

Academic Performance

Since learning to play the guitar has a positive impact on memory, concentration, discipline, and behavior, it gives the child the opportunity to transfer those skills into their academic performance. Studies have shown that guitar lessons enlarge the capabilities of a child’s left brain, which in turn increases their information store and intelligence. 

Inspires Creativity 

Guitar lessons will give children the opportunity to not only learn the technical skills, but have the chance to express themselves through a creative outlet in a way unlike anything else. Once children learn the notes and finger positioning, they can explore playing their favorite song, creating their own songs, and finding new avenues to express themselves. 


You’ve decided that guitar lessons are right for your child and that you’d like them to reap the vast benefits of learning to play. Now to decide where they will take lessons. Here are the 3 of the top locations for guitar lessons for children in Atlanta. 

Atlanta Musicians Exchange 

Atlanta Musicians Exchange is located in Decatur, GA and offers spectacular one-on-one guitar lessons. Their rate is $125 per month for 30 minute lessons, 4 lessons per month. They also offer 5 lessons for the price of 4 for the first month of lessons. The lessons are held in a shop that offers a vast variety of guitar equipment, merchandise, and repairs. 

Atlanta School of Musical Arts

The Atlanta School of Musical Arts is located in Atlanta, Georgia and is the trusted school for guitar lessons offering lessons to children starting at 4 years old. They provide in-school and in-home music lessons, as well as in-person and online lessons. They have a unique approach to learning guitar, treating lessons as if children are learning a new language. 

The Guitar Shed

The Guitar Shed  is a modern music school located in Atlanta, Georgia at two different locations. They offer private and group lessons with experienced instructors, and the lesson times vary based on the student’s knowledge on handling the instrument. They’re known for offering reasonable rates and providing a strong foundation for a child’s musical career. 

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