We’re a local Atlanta tutoring company founded in 2006 by Nathan and Hope Vigil–a husband-and-wife team of dedicated educators. Over the past ten years, Nathan and Hope recruited other accomplished educators to join Atlanta Tutors, and today our management team has more than 50 years of combined teaching experience.

We have a certain philosophy of teaching at Atlanta Tutors – we believe the tutors and teachers themselves make a huge difference in the quality of education your child receives. We also believe that being a local company not only keeps things personable, it also ensures your child is getting the right kind of direction they need from a tutor. Our own kids, and those of some of our tutors, have been through the Georgia school system. We live here. We are aware of the common struggles, strengths, weaknesses and ‘gaps’ that need to be filled when a tutor comes in to help a child get better grades.

Your tutor in Atlanta should help you get better grades by tailoring teaching methods to your unique needs

Relieving stress for you and making learning fun is our goal as a local Atlanta tutoring company. We believe that every child should have access to the best teaching resources possible – especially when classroom time, after school help and cramming has already proven ineffective. The problem is almost never the child – it’s usually the focus of teaching, and how a subject is taught to an individual student. That’s why our one-on-one, in-person, private tutoring is so special; it doesn’t follow a formula or a worksheet. We personalize teaching to be able to tutor your child on their known weaknesses, without wasting time on areas they’ve already mastered.

School can be hard, and it’s not uncommon for students to struggle when trying to get high grades or ace standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, and SSAT. A professional tutor from Atlanta Tutors can help your children reach their academic goals, enter the university of their choice and more.

We’ll find the perfect tutor for your child, one that can ‘get through’ to them and their individual needs

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re a parent who’s trying to find someone who can help your children succeed academically. You may have tried teaching your children the Georgia school curriculum after class yourself, or tried getting help elsewhere already.

Unfortunately, as you may have found — like many other parents — the parent-child relationship often begins to suffer. Or, it can get in the way of productive learning, simply due to the dynamics at play. Who wants to listen to mom or dad when they also are giving pressure to do well?

Parent involvement is great when it comes to making sure kids are on track with their homework and are getting good grades in school. But when it comes to teaching, kids need someone that can ‘speak their language.’

Perhaps you may have asked smart friends or babysitters to teach your kids. But these folks may not be equipped with the tools to deal with a student who is frustrated and stuck in a rut. And unfortunately, these amateur tutors often have great difficulty when assisting students with learning challenges like ADHD or autism. Hiring a professional tutor in Atlanta can help alleviate these problems.

Our tutors are selected amongst the best of the best. They are the ‘cream of the crop.’ And they don’t just teach at your kids. They delve into subjects with them. They’ve got personality. And they’ve got that ‘flair’ that struggling kids need when looking for support from someone who understands them.

Rigorous screening methods ensure only the best tutors serve you

Atlanta Tutors has a rigorous tutor screening process — we accept less than one per cent of tutors who apply to work for us. We will also never send you a tutor that we would not bring into our own home to teach our children. If we can’t send you the best, we just won’t send anyone. We always want to do right by our clients in that way, and in many other ways. Our goal is that, after working with our tutors, you will feel you’ve done everything possible, and given your child the best that you could have given them to succeed in school.

So what makes our tutors so special?

We look for role models and exceptional accomplishments — not just tutoring experience. In other words, their own academic performance matters a lot, as well as the question of ‘what else have they done’?

After multiple rounds of interviews, only the most passionate teachers are selected to work with our tutoring subjects. Our emphasis is on hiring not just the best tutor, but the best person for the job. We look for tutors in Atlanta who ‘light up’ whenever it’s time to help your child study. It’s more than just skill or knowledge.

Students are then matched with local Atlanta tutors who have degrees from the distinguished universities your kids want to attend. We’ve found tutoring works best when children are helped by those who have walked the path they hope to travel.

When you work with our Atlanta tutoring company, you will receive a tutor who can help your kids make the grade, because they’ve been there themselves, and have since excelled at their own academic training. This means they can even be a mentor to your kids.

Have peace of mind and safety — criminal background checks for tutors in Atlanta are a must at our company

All our tutors undergo a criminal background check, performed professionally and paid for by us. Working with an in-home tutor can be a new experience. However, we do our best to remove any doubts long before our tutors make a visit to you.

Work with a tutoring company that knows exactly what’s happening in the Atlanta school system

You should expect a seasoned tutor from Atlanta whose experience can help guide your children towards their ambitions. As mentioned above, when you call us, you’re calling a local Atlanta company, and are reaching a professional, tenured tutoring organization that knows the Georgia school curriculum and its educational community. Keeping up to date with the local education system is important, as we can keep current school developments in mind when tutoring your child.

Call us! You have little to lose

When you work with us you will not be bound to a contract. Beyond a minimum 4-hour commitment, you can stop your tutoring sessions whenever you want. We also offer refunds if you are not happy with your tutor. Hire an Atlanta tutor with our tutoring company — we guarantee your satisfaction.

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