We go to great lengths to make sure that our clients are completely satisfied with our Atlanta tutoring services. Over the years our efforts have paid off, and we  have received wonderful feedback and excellent online reviews from parents and students.

Becky, Woodward Academy (College Park, GA)

My daughter made a 4 on her AP Calculus test, and we know it was in large part due to your tutor!
Becky, Parent of a Senior, Woodward Academy (College Park, GA)

Mary, Riverwood High School (Sandy Springs, GA)

John has been great! I am so impressed with his tutoring skills.
Mary, Parent of Junior, Riverwood High School (Sandy Springs, GA)

Leslie, Holy Innocent's Episcopal School (Atlanta, GA)

We were very satisfied with the tutoring provided by Tim. We would be happy to recommend him to anyone and, if the need arises, would request his services again.
Leslie, Parent of a Junior, Holy Innocent's Episcopal School (Atlanta, GA)

Barbara, Rockdale High School (Conyers, GA)

Your tutor is really doing a great job. My daughter really enjoys working with her.
Barbara, Parent of a Junior, Rockdale High School (Conyers, GA)

Dana, Georgia Perimeter College (Decatur, GA)

She's great [Heather Denson]...The main thing she did today was get her to understand that the formulae she was trying to memorize actually work together. By setting up a framework for all those things she was trying to memorize, she got immediate improvement on a lot of questions.
Dana, Parent of a Student at Georgia Perimeter College (Decatur, GA)

Dana, North Atlanta High School (Atlanta, GA)

You're a champ, Sandra, an incredibly valuable resource for kids in need of a little help.
Dana, Parent of a Senior, North Atlanta High School (Atlanta, GA)

Cissy, St. Pius X Catholic High School (Atlanta, GA)

It went great! Emma and I both really liked Joyce.
Cissy, Parent of a Senior, St. Pius X Catholic High School (Atlanta, GA)

Penny, Georgia Tech (Atlanta, GA)

Christine's grade came up from an F to a C with your tutor's help.
Penny, Parent of a Sophomore, Georgia Tech (Atlanta, GA)

Samantha, Homeschool

Thank you SO much for all the time you spent with me on the phone earlier this week. I can’t tell you how much it helped to talk to someone who understood what we were going through and had experience with homeschooling. We are obviously trying to make some big decisions and want to educate ourselves to do the right thing. You really, really helped.
Samantha, Parent of an 8th Grade Homeschool Student

Stephanie, Mt. Vernon Presbyterian (Atlanta, GA)

Staten's grades have improved tremendously!
Stephanie, Parent of 8th grader, Mt. Vernon Presbyterian (Atlanta, GA)

Merle, Chamblee High School (Chamblee, GA)

My deal with my son was to raise his grade one letter grade. He raised it a letter grade and a half.
Merle, Parent of 11th grader, Chamblee High School (Chamblee, GA)

Jacquie, North Springs Charter High School (Sandy Springs, GA)

Kerry is awesome and my daughter really likes her a great deal.
Jacquie, Parent of a Junior, North Springs Charter High School (Sandy Springs, GA)

Joanna, Mt. Paran Christian (Kennesaw, GA)

My daughter's chemistry tutoring with A.J. has been very beneficial, and we wanted to write and ask about a second area of study.
Joanna, Parent of Junior, Mt. Paran Christian (Kennesaw, GA)

Ellen, St. Pius (Atlanta, GA)

I think you all are so great. I can't think of one thing you could improve on. I have recommended you to so many.
Ellen, Parent of 10th grader, St. Pius (Atlanta, GA)

Chip, Lakeside High School (Atlanta, GA)

Our son did very well on his 1st Semester Final after Maurice's help.
Chip, Parent of 9th grader, Lakeside High School (Atlanta, GA)

Wheda, KIPP WAYS Academy (Atlanta, GA)

Thank you! Elizabeth was GREAT! We will definetly keep Atlanta Tutors in mind for the future.
Wheda, Parent of 6th grader, KIPP WAYS Academy (Atlanta, GA)

Sonya, Woodward Academy (College Park, GA)

She also made a 1360 or 1380 on the SAT, so she is not going to take it again!...She is thrilled and so are we!
Sonya, Parent of 11th grader, Woodward Academy (College Park, GA)

Judy, North Atlanta High School (Atlanta, GA)

My daughter would not have made it through AP Physics without help from Atlanta Tutors.
Judy, Parent of 12th grader, North Atlanta High School (Atlanta, GA)

College Sophomore, GA Perimeter College (Decatur, GA)

Nancy was an excellent Statistics tutor.
, College Sophomore, GA Perimeter College (Decatur, GA)

Lisa, Greater Atlanta Christian School (Norcross, GA)

I would like to share with you how very pleased we were working with your Spanish tutor Laura. My daughter was able to make a B in Spanish based on the work that she did with our daughter. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Lisa, Parent of 9th grader, Greater Atlanta Christian School (Norcross, GA)

Max, Homeschool

I wanted to say how grateful we are to have found you and Joyce last year...Not sure we would have been able to get our daughter the right person for a yearlong tutoring effort without your insight in the possible options. Your insight and understanding of our needs lead us to Joyce who is like family to us. I want you to know Joyce has been an Angel for us. She came into a poorly implemented homeschooling situation but was able to turn this around 180 degrees and quickly. She was able to work with our daughter to get her to the point where she was accepted to high school at the Academy of the Oaks Waldorf School in Decatur. We (and others who knew our daughter then) have seen the growth and impact Joyce has had on her. She was very professional, covered the breath of subjects of the 8th grade curriculum, and was dedicated in all aspects. She met and exceeded our goal to be ready for high school this year. I would recommend Joyce to anyone looking for a qualified education professional who is a joy to work with and delivers on the expected goals. We, especially our daughter, are going to miss Joyce very much next year but know we can always count on her in the future if we need help in any educational areas. Thanks again for a wonderful experience.
Max, Parent of 8th grader, Homeschool

Sam, Homeschool

Thank you for helping get us on the right path. I will always be grateful. Joyce went above and beyond... We can't say enough wonderful things about her. If she ever needs a reference, please don't hesitate to give anyone our names and contact info.
Sam, Parent of 8th grader, Homeschool

Tricia, Dunwoody High School (Dunwoody, GA)

We were very pleased with both Laura and Dorothy. Thank you so very much for all of your assistance. I will definitely use you again in the future and have referred you to several of my friends. You are so easy to work with and have access to tremendous talent.
Tricia, Parent of 9th and 11th graders, Dunwoody High School (Dunwoody, GA)

Ebony, Georgia Perimeter College (Decatur, GA)

Hello Sandra.....OMG!!!!!!!!!! That's all I need to say. Todd Orange is a PUR-FECT fit for me. He understands that I am lost, and need extra help in both learning & understanding concepts of Chemistry. I am so excited that I found Atlanta Tutors. He's the best ever....and I will be giving you a call tomorrow or Thursday to pay for more hours! Thanks again Sandra for listening to my needs, and linking me with a tutor who cares about teaching!!!!!!! I'm excited to learn CHEMISTRY...
Ebony, Sophomore, Georgia Perimeter College (Decatur, GA)

Wendy, Georgia Tech (Atlanta, GA)

We have been extremely pleased with her tutor and would be happy to recommend her.
Wendy, Parent of college freshman, Georgia Tech (Atlanta, GA)

Joseph, Kingswood School (Dunwoody, GA)

We were very pleased with Dorothy's tutoring skills. Our daughter made great progress and feel that she can read on her own. Thank you for all your assistance.
Joseph, Parent of Kindergarten student, Kingswood School (Dunwoody, GA)

Katy, Druid Hills High School (Atlanta, GA)

Things have been going well. Allen is reliable and helping our daughter get up to speed in her economics class.
Katy, Parent of a 12th grader, Druid Hills High School (Atlanta, GA)

Marian, Decatur High School (Decatur, GA)

I am pleased to say that my daughter took her SATs at the beginning of November, and her math score was 90 points higher. So, we are very pleased with Atlanta Tutors...Thank you very much. It was a pleasure working with you and our tutor, Rosiland. I will likely be in touch in a few years when our younger daughter is going through the SAT process.
Marian, Parent of 12th grader, Decatur High School (Decatur, GA)

Robin, The Weber School (Dunwoody, GA)

Lizz is an angel. She really, really, really helped our daughter through her chemistry class last semester and she ended up passing. We were so thrilled. Our daughter was so happy and relieved. I wanted to secure Lizz for more tutoring this semester, for chemistry and geometry, as well. We transferred Amanda to a new school, and to make sure our daughter is working well with her new teachers we wanted Lizz to help her along. She really is priceless.
Robin, Parent of 10th grader, The Weber School (Dunwoody, GA)

Ann, Pope High School (Marietta, GA)

I wanted to send a message to let you guys know that Dorothy Lobel was wonderful with my son . . . she gave him great confidence. Thanks for sending such a wonderful tutor.
Ann, Parent of a 12th grader, Pope High School (Marietta, GA)

Giovanna, North Springs Charter High School (Sandy Springs, GA)

Rosiland was fantastic! She really helped my daughter--she got an 82 on her math final (which she was barely passing before)!
Giovanna, Parent of a 9th grader, North Springs Charter High School (Sandy Springs, GA)

Joan, Sagamore Hills Elementary (Atlanta, GA)

We have been very lucky to have had Fonde work with our daughter...Thank you for being there for us and families like us.
Joan, Parent of a 2nd grader, Sagamore Hills Elementary (Atlanta, GA)

Sharon, Path Academy (Atlanta, GA)

I will like to use Tammy at times next school year for my son. Tammy is very knowledgeable and takes her time to make sure the student understands. Thanks for having this company as a source for tutoring.
Sharon, Parent of an 8th grader, Path Academy (Atlanta, GA)

Sue, St. Pius X Catholic High School (Atlanta, GA)

Thank you for recommending Gregory as Katie's tutor... He was reliable and very helpful.
Sue, Parent of 12th grader, St. Pius X Catholic High School (Atlanta, GA)

Monique, Sagamore Hills Elementary (Atlanta, GA)

Fonde has been so wonderful this year, and her help has truly had a positive & significant impact on my daughter's academic success this school year. I would like to thank her for her patience and assistance.
Monique, Parent of a 4th grader, Sagamore Hills Elementary (Atlanta, GA)

Tracy, Chatahoochee High School (Alpharetta, GA)

Allen is working out great! Wish we had done this 6 months ago.
Tracy, Parent of a 9th grader, Chatahoochee High School (Alpharetta, GA)

Lindsey, Thomas Jefferson Academy

From my first SAT score to my last, my scores increased 290 points. I’m very appreciative of the time you took this summer to help me, and I think what you do is great. Thank you so much for all the help.
Lindsey, 12th Grader, Thomas Jefferson Academy

Jeanne, Grady High School (Atlanta, GA)

I just wanted to let you know we got my daughter's results on the SAT yesterday. She improved across the board (170 points total), but her biggest leap was in her math score. She went from 570 to 640. She is very happy. She also achieved the highest classification in math on her Georgia Graduation Test. Thanks so much for your help. It was well worth it.
Jeanne, Parent of an 11th grader, Grady High School (Atlanta, GA)

Audrey, Ogelthorpe University (Atlanta, GA)

Allen is incredible. Fabulous. He is an incredible, incredible tutor. Phenomenal. I just recommended him to another client that I have. Your staff was also phenomenal to work with. I highly recommend Atlanta Tutors.
Audrey, Life Coach of Senior, Ogelthorpe University (Athens, GA)

Robin, Lakeside High School (Atlanta, GA)

I cannot say enough about Joyce. She is an ANGEL sent to my family. My son has regained his faith in himself and that takes a miracle. She has given me a new son! Thank you so much!
Robin, Parent of a 12th grader, Lakeside High School (Atlanta, GA)

Janet, Spalding High School (Griffin, GA)

My daughter loves her tutor! She said the tutor is really helping her and she is confident she will improve her test scores.  My daughter enjoys the time she spends with her. I am glad I found you guys!
Janet, Parent of an 11th grader, Spalding High School (Griffin, GA)

Jeff, Hopewell Middle School (Milton, GA)

Willean is great! She is a wonderful person. Her tutoring has helped my son greatly. My son is doing much better from the time spent with her. She is wonderful!
Jeff Clark, Parent of a 7th grader, Hopewell Middle School (MIlton, GA)

Corrie, Atlanta Girls School (Atlanta, GA)

My daughter had a great tutoring session last weekend and is really excited to be working with Joyce. They seem to speak the same math language which has been difficult for her in the past. We are both very excited and thankful for the referral.
Corrie, Parent of a 11th grader, Atlanta Girls School (Atlanta, GA)

Patricia, River Trail Middle School (Johns Creek, GA)

Just to let you know Stephanie was lovely.  My son said, "It was great mom. She didn't teach, just explained everything". He said it was exactly what he needed. Thank you so much.
Patricia, Parent of a 8th grader, River Trail Middle School (Johns Creek, GA)

Sarah, The Children's School (Atlanta, GA)

We just wanted to let you know that my son, my husband, and I really love Willean. She is very good with my son and extremely knowledgable. Great fit and great placement on your part.
Sarah, Parent of a kindergartener, The Children's School (Atlanta, GA)

Valerie, McClure Middle School (Kennesaw, GA)

Amy is great. She is working well with my son and I expect his next test to improve greatly. I really like the convenience of having the tutor come to my home.
Valerie, Parent of a 6th grader, McClure Middle School (Kennesaw, GA)

Marketia, St. Francis High School (Alpharetta, GA)

At this point my son is doing very well. We can't thank Atlanta Tutors enough for helping him. If we think he needs a tutor next year, we will call you again.
Marketia, Parent of an 11th grader, St. Francis High School (Alpharetta, GA)

Christina, Georgia Cyber Academy (Decatur, GA)

The tutor is an amazing person. He helped my son to feel extremely comfortable.
Christina, Parent of an 8th grader, Georgia Cyber Academy (Decatur, GA)

Gloria, Chamblee Middle School (Chamblee, GA)

Our sessions are going well and I am happy with the work Sarah has been doing with my son. She is patient, professional, engaging, and well-prepared for each session. My son has not had much writing assignments from school this year, so Sarah has had to develop lessons on her own based on what he may need in the future. I love the way she is covering a wide variety of writing genres from simple summaries to science labs. It is exactly the kind of coaching I was looking for, and it's been a great confidence booster for my son. My son has a shy personality, and she's been great at making him feel comfortable. It's been a great match so far. Thanks for finding a great tutor us.
Gloria, Parent of an 8th grader, Chamblee Middle School (Chamblee, GA)

Joan, Georgia Perimeter College (Decatur, GA)

We are very, very happy [with Brandi]. She is the type of tutor who tries different avenues to get the point across
Joan, Parent of a Freshman, Georgia Perimeter College (Decatur, GA)

Katriece, Langston Hughes High (Fairburn, GA)

Thank you very much for your services, the tutor was great and she successfully helped my daughter through the year end math test crunch.
Katriece, Parent of a Junior, Langston Hughes High (Fairburn, GA)

Anna, Greater Atlanta Christian School (Norcross, GA)

Kerri is an excellent tutor. She is prompt and she individualizes according to student's needs. She is always positive and helpful. It has been a wholly positive experience!
Anna, Parent of a 12th grader, Greater Atlanta Christian School (Norcross, GA)

Sue, Dunwoody High School (Dunwoody, GA)

Lacy was a terrific tutor - very bright, knowledgeable, and professional, yet fun. My son thought she was great. Lacy's tutoring and suggestions helped my son raise his grade substantially. His test scores went up significantly after we started the tutoring. Our experience could not have been better.
Sue, Parent of a 9th grader, Dunwoody High School (Dunwoody, GA)

Tara, Duluth High School (Duluth, GA)

Just wanted to let you know that we have been extremely pleased and very impressed with Dawn as a tutor. We initially signed with another tutor from another company, but after two sessions we realized that he was not a good fit. Once we had the first session with Dawn, we knew right away that we made a great choice in switching to Atlanta Tutors. PLEASE continue to use Dawn! She is truly an asset.
Tara, Parent of a 12th grader, Duluth High School (Duluth, GA)

Mercedes, University of Phoenix (Kennesaw, GA)

Tutoring with Brandi was great! She really helped me get through the rest of my calculus course. I would definitely want to work with her again if I ever take another math class!
Mercedes, Student at University of Phoenix (Kennesaw, GA)

Carolyn, Centennial High School (Roswell, GA)

I'd just like to tell you how helpful my daughter felt the tutoring was today. The tutor helped her to understand the Calculus problems from several directions, even from a Physics perspective. She feels that her AP Physics and AP Calculus BC classes will be in tandem and that the tutor’s instruction pulled it all together. I'm very pleased and excited and will tell my other daughter that it went well. Since she is a freshman at Georgia Tech she might also need tutoring.
Carolyn, Parent of an 11th grader, Centennial High School (Roswell, GA)

Marcia, St. Pius X High School (Atlanta, GA)

Joyce is a fabulous tutor, and my son enjoys working with her.  His writing abilities have improved significantly (1000%) since he has been studying with Joyce. Because of our positive experience with Joyce, I have recommended Atlanta Tutors LLC to many others.
Marcia, Parent of a 9th Grader, St. Pius X High School (Atlanta, GA)

John, Sutton Middle School (Atlanta, GA)

Sarah was great, awesome. I have zero complaints.  We would definitely use her again.  
John, Parent of an 8th Grader, Sutton Middle School (Atlanta, GA)

Jim, Christ the King School (Atlanta, GA)

As you know, Bekah worked with our son on preparation for the February SSAT.  Bekah did a FANTASTIC job!  Whatever the test results may be, we are confident that we’ve done all we can, given our time constraints.  We are also confident that our son learned a great deal in the process, especially about how to approach reading passages.  That in itself makes the effort worthwhile.  Bekah is an excellent tutor and an extremely pleasant young lady – our whole family enjoyed getting to know her.  Thank you!
Jim, Parent of a 6th Grader, Christ the King School (Atlanta, GA)

Aimee, St. Francis (Roswell, GA)

I wanted to take a quick moment to touch base with you about what a great fit Willean has been for our son insofar as tutoring for Chemistry and Algebra 2. She helped him immensely for his exams, and he holds an 89 and 90 in both of those classes right now.  The Dean of Students for Saint Francis called me the other day to tell me how proud he is of my son and to tell me that his teachers have been bragging about him.  We were so excited to tell Willean this news as well.  She has really given him the keys to understanding these subjects.
Aimee, Parent of an 11th grader, St. Francis (Roswell, GA)

Marketia, St. Francis (Roswell, GA)

I just wanted you to know that Ms. Stewart has been a great help to my son and we really appreciate all of the effort she puts into teaching him.  
Marketia, Parent of an 11th grader, St. Francis (Roswell, GA)

Tutoring for Student at The Weber School (Atlanta, GA)

Just wanted to thank you again for all of the time the tutor is putting in with my daughter. She will do great because of your help. So appreciated!!  
Robyn, Parent of a 10th grader, The Weber School (Atlanta, GA)

Tutoring for Student at Padeia School (Atlanta, GA)

The tutor was terrific! Thanks so much for sending him.
Bev, Parent of an 11th grader, Padeia School (Atlanta, GA)

Tutoring for Student at Marist School (Atlanta, GA)

Your tutor is doing a great job with our daughter. We are pleased with his services.
Terry, Parent of an 11th grader, Marist School (Atlanta, GA)

Georgetta, Chattahoochee High School (Johns Creek, GA)

The tutor has been very, very helpful and is really, really bright. It has been tremendous for my daughter. She's had some really good test results and got a 100 on her test yesterday!
Georgetta, Parent of 10th grader, Chattahoochee High School (Johns Creek, GA)

Temple, Lakeside High School (Decatur, GA)

We loved our tutor! To tell you the truth, I started listening in when she came to tutor my son. I probably learned as much as he did. My son's SAT score improved more than we dared hope. He scored a 2010, up from his previous 1830. His score improved 180 points!  
Temple, Parent of 12th grader, Lakeside High School (Decatur, GA)

Arlene, Mount Vernon Presbyterian (Atlanta)

Sarah was wonderful.  The tutoring was a success.  Both boys did well on the Latin exams (98 and 96)....She was my little miracle worker.
Arlene, Parent of 8th graders, Mount Vernon Presbyterian (Atlanta, GA)

Diane, Grayson High School

Amanda was terrific – we would like to keep her ‘on call’ for over the summer. She was always on time and very knowledgeable in the subject areas. My daughter now has a better understanding of how to approach the SAT. We would highly recommend Amanda.
Diane, Parent of a 12th Grader, Grayson High School (Loganville, GA)

Naneen, Blessed Trinity Catholic High School

We were very satisfied with the tutor and all communications with him and Atlanta Tutors, and we did get an improvement in the SAT score. You guys were great!!!!!
Naneen, Parent of a 12th Grader, Blessed Trinity Catholic High School (Roswell, GA)

Brian, Grady High School

Just wanted to say thanks for helping my daughter prepare to retake the SAT! She scored 140 points higher which qualifies her for the colleges of her choice!! We greatly appreciate your work and will consider you for future services if needed.
Brian, Parent of an 11th Grader, Grady High School (Atlanta, GA)

Takiia, Daniel Middle School (Marietta, GA)

Just wanted to let you know that my daughter EXCEEDED the math portion of the CRCT. I don't know what her exact score was, but they posted the names of the kids who exceeded different sections of the CRCT. She also has a 98 average in math this quarter. I am so excited.
Takiia, Parent of an 8th grader, Daniel Middle School (Marietta, GA)

Charlotte, Christ the King

Thank you so much for sending us Melissa. She is a delightful person and was a pleasure to have in our home. She did a great job with the girls, and I feel like they are more than prepared for the SSAT. Melissa is an asset to your organization. We will certainly call on you in the future when need arises. Thank you.
Charlotte, Parent of a 6th Grader, Christ the King

Becky, GACS

Having a tutor come to the home is very important for us. I love that the tutors we have used (Albert was our 2nd tutor) have been pretty flexible. My kids didn't need weekly tutoring, so having the option of calling when they needed help was valuable to us. It was also nice to have a session longer than 1 hour if needed. I have recommended you to others and have used your company for 2 years. I will certainly use you again in the future. Keep up the good work!
Becky, Parent of a Junior, Greater Atlanta Christian School (Norcross, GA)

Regina, Imagine

We were exceptionally pleased with our tutor. She was extremely knowledgeable in the subject area, and we saw great improvement in my daughter's grades.
Regina, Parent of a 1st Grader, Imagine International Academy (Smyrna, GA)

Julie, 5th Grader

Shanna was terrific. My daughter scored in the 91% on the SSAT. Her math score was 89%. Not bad for a child with test anxiety! So much of her success had to do with Shanna’s help.
Julie, Parent of a 5th Grader


Kelly came this afternoon and worked with my son for one and a half hours. She was wonderful. She is so organized and helpful that they hit it off immediately and my son was able to get a lot of work accomplished. I cannot tell you how relieved I am that we are making progress in catching up with his work. Kelly adapted easily to my son's situation and worked with him beautifully. THANK YOU! This is the most hopeful I have felt in two weeks.
Solange, Parent of a Freshman

Christine, Friends

Joyce walks on water. My daughter felt much better about the test and was very prepared, thanks to Joyce.
Christine, Parent of a 6th Grader, Friends School of Atlanta (Decatur, GA)

Randi, Woodward

Alicia was a magnificent, highly effective tutor when Monica, our first tutor, was away! Between the two tutors, my son has progressed from barely passing to . . . trumpets please . . . an A- in Anatomy during a time in the course when especially difficult material is being covered (according to Alicia). Of course, my son has worked very hard, but Monica's & Alicia's coordinated approaches have truly empowered him to learn the material in a way that works well for him.
Randi, Parent of a Senior, Woodward Academy (College Park, GA)

Sandra, Loganville, GA

The tutoring sessions with Cameron were very productive. My daughter had originally failed her math class with a 52. After meeting with Cameron she passed with an 80.83.
Sandra, Parent of a Senior (Loganville, GA)

Diane, Grayson High

Our tutor has been absolutely wonderful! My daughter was failing Algebra/Trig due to many missed days of school because of an accident, but our tutor helped her bring her grade up to a B!
Diane, Parent of a Senior, Grayson High School (Loganville, GA)

Donna, Dunwoody High

We really, really appreciated our tutor--he got our son through Biology, pulling him from an F to a very high B by the end of the semester. Super tutor in every way.
Donna, Parent of a Freshman, Dunwoody High School (Dunwoody, GA)

Susan, GACS

I just wanted to share the good news! My son's SAT scores went up 120 points. He is now eligible for the Presidential scholarship at Auburn. I appreciate your encouragement when I first inquired about tutoring a few months ago. Karen was just the tutor we needed.
Susan, Parent of a High School Senior, Greater Atlanta Christian School


Just wanted you to know that we had a wonderful tutoring experience. Our daughter scored a 97% on her SSAT. We were very pleased!!
Amy, Parent of a 5th Grader, St. Martin's Episcopal School


I am a mathematics instructional coach with DeKalb County Schools, and I have 18 years experience in the school system teaching Middle School and High School mathematics. I went to Atlanta Tutors because I wanted my daughter to have the experience of working with someone else.  My daughter has enjoyed all of her tutors, and they have really helped her to be successful in her AP classes.
Deborah, Parent of a Senior, Chamblee High School (Chamblee, GA)


Our son improved his SAT score about 180 points. The tutor definitely kept his end of the bargain. He was prompt and struck the right balance of friendliness and business.
James, Parent of a 12th Grader, Decatur High School

June (Duluth, GA)

I just don't think I could've chosen a better tutor if I'd done it personally. Amanda showed up on time and was so genuine that my son wasn't intimidated; indeed, he was motivated to please her. In all, I would not hesitate to recommend your services.
June, Parent of 12th Grader, Duluth, GA

Sheila, GACS

My daughter just checked her updated SAT scores online. Her overall score improved by 160 points. Thank you sooo much for your time and talents. I think these improvements will mean that she can attend any of those schools that she's been considering.
Sheila, Parent of a Senior, Greater Atlanta Christian School

Melissa, Grady High School

I wanted to thank Atlanta Tutors for all the help given to my son this last year in all his testing endeavors. It made such a tremendous difference!
Melissa, Parent of an 11th grader, Grady High School (Atlanta, GA)

Mark, Woodward Academy

My daughter was really fond of the tutor and responded well to her. We definitely won't hesitate to use you in the future and would definitely provide a recommendation for you. Thank you!
Mark, Parent of a 7th grader, Woodward Academy (Atlanta, GA)

Ken, Oak Grove Elementary

Our experience with Atlanta Tutors has been great. Everyone was great to work with and very helpful.
Ken, Parent of 5th grader, Oak Grove Elementary School (Dectaur, GA)