Our SSAT tutoring in Atlanta produces more confident students and higher scores. Consider the following client testimonials:

“As you know, Bekah worked with our son on preparation for the February SSAT.  Bekah did a FANTASTIC job!  Whatever the test results may be, we are confident that we’ve done all we can, given our time constraints.  We are also confident that our son learned a great deal in the process, especially about how to approach reading passages.  That in itself makes the effort worthwhile.  Bekah is an excellent SSAT tutor and an extremely pleasant young lady – our whole family enjoyed getting to know her.  Thank you!”
Jim, Parent of a 6th Grader, Christ the King School (Atlanta, GA)

“Shanna was terrific. My daughter scored in the 91% on the SSAT. Her math score was 89%. Not bad for a child with test anxiety! So much of her success had to do with Shanna’s help.” 
Julie, Parent of a 5th Grader

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