Get a private Spanish tutor in Atlanta, and reap rewards beyond course completions

Getting an Atlanta Spanish tutor is a wise investment for many reasons. You don’t need to be failing or struggling in Spanish class to know you need help with learning a language (though that’s definitely a valid reason!). Fluency in the Spanish language is beneficial to American life, for employment opportunities, bonding in relationships, and even being able to enhance cognitive memorization skills.

Importantly for high school students, however, a Spanish tutor in Atlanta comes in handy when needing to meet graduation requirements.

Atlanta Tutors provides experienced, expert Spanish tutors in your home at competitive rates. Our tutors are not merely native Spanish speakers; they are able to teach the language to someone who was not born hearing its vocabulary, grammar or cultural contexts.

Our tutors have also gone through extensive screening processes to ensure they are suitable for the job; we hire less than 1% of applicants who interview with us, because we only send out the best candidates for the job.

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Hone language skills where you need help the most; hire a Spanish tutor in Atlanta that understands your curriculum needs, and more

We tutor students in the following Spanish courses, based on Atlanta school curriculum:

  • Level I Spanish (9th to 12th)
  • Level II Spanish (9th to 12th)
  • Level III Spanish (9th to 12th)
  • Level IV Spanish (9th to 12th)
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Spanish Language
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Spanish HL

…And more.

We also provide tutoring for all levels of Spanish for K-8 students. We can also help with college-level Spanish courses or examinations. These are helpful for entry to colleges based on Spanish proficiency.

If you are looking to learn Spanish for personal development, or are looking to practice your Spanish conversation skills alone, we can also send tutors to your home who specialize in these functions of the language.

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Perfect your Spanish language skills with effective tutoring methods, so you can excel in the subject, not just pass

There is only so far that classroom instruction can take a student. Learning Spanish – or any foreign language – can require lots of practice outside the classroom. If you’re struggling with the subject, it may not be that you simply ‘don’t get it,’ or aren’t talented enough. It may just be a matter of teaching it in a way you can understand.

As mentioned above, our Atlanta Spanish tutors are good at what they do because they are passionate about teaching the language, not just knowing it. Below are some of the skills they use to tutor Spanish in one-on-one settings:

Flash cards and repetition through memorization

This works great for learning vocabulary and grammar. For example, when do you use ‘el’ or ‘la’ in Spanish gender nouns? And, how do you say the plural form a word? When are regular or irregular verbs used? Sometimes, memorization and consistent usage can help a student progress to more abstract and contextual language learning.

Incorporating cultural context

Language can be a reflection of cultural values and daily life. When teaching Spanish, it’s important to know why some phrases are used over others, for instance. Not only that, but wording you use in one language may not be the ‘polite’ or ‘formal’ way of saying it another, even if they fall in the same linguistic group.

Plus, there is ‘formal’ Spanish, like that you’d read in books, and colloquial Spanish, which may be used in conversations, on TV shows, or in pop culture. A good Spanish tutor will be able to differentiate these scenarios and teach the language based on contexts relevant to countries that speak Spanish.

Visualization technique

This helps students learn Spanish by association. It is a technique that can be used in memorization. If they hear a word, they can remember it faster by bringing to mind a story, or other ‘mental picture’ the word relates to.

Mnemonic devices and language pattern recognition

Tutoring Spanish by understanding its structural patterns can help give the student ‘tricks’ to remember the language’s principles. For example, in English, we learn in elementary school the mnemonic device of “i before e, except after c.” In like principal, Spanish has rules to follow that can be formed into easy, memorizable acronyms, rhymes, charts, or other sequences and models.

It doesn’t stop there!

Above, we’ve given only some of the teaching techniques our tutors use to help a student struggling with Spanish, or who wants to excel in Spanish.

Some of these techniques are formed by experience, and some are based on frameworks from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL’s). See this document for more information.

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Take advantage of customized Spanish tutoring in Atlanta

While our tutors are able to train in language instruction using effective, thought-out methods, our tutoring of Spanish is never pre-determined by a set curriculum or workbook. This is because each student’s needs are going to change, based on the fact they are their own individual. However, problems students face when learning Spanish can be typical. A good tutor will be well prepared to help from the first tutoring session, regardless of the situation at hand.

We are proud to say we offer the best Spanish tutors in Atlanta we can find. If you’re not happy for any reason, let us know and we’ll offer you a refund, or help you find a tutor within our network.

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