Chemistry is an avenue through which students can discover the basic building blocks of life and how they govern every activity by which the world operates. Like every other subject matter expert, chemists think that their subject is the most important. They may be right. Chemistry is the discussion of reactions at an elemental and molecular level, but goes even deeper than that. The structure of atoms and the interplay between even smaller particles decide how a specific formula is going to work. So, students who study chemistry quickly understand that this subject will explain to the basis of everything.

Chemical engineering is different, though. Engineering is all about designing, playing with different forces, and molding them to make something useful for humans. A chemical engineer uses elemental and molecular structures to design, not building or roads, but ingredients. These ingredients go into any of the different products people use on a daily basis.

Why does one clothing detergent work better than another? At a molecular level, it is because one group of substances is better able to attack the stains on the clothes put into a washing machine. Chemical engineers play with different molecules and elements trying to find out which works best at cleaning clothes and why. Then, they can synthesize these chemicals and mass-produce them so that everyone benefits.

Chemical engineering can be a very rewarding field and the class can be exciting if you receive the right instruction. Mixing two difficult disciplines makes the resulting course that much harder. The student has to have a very solid foundation in chemistry before they can start a chemical engineering course of study. They also have to understand design to an extent and how different structures can be combined.  If they are lacking any type of instruction when they enter the course, they are likely to get behind very quickly. Fellow students may help, but it is better to have a dedicated teacher who has more than a passing knowledge of the subject. It may be time to hire a tutor.

It may not even have to be a chemical engineering tutor. Maybe the problem is a certain aspect of the course that an engineering tutor or a chemistry tutor can help with. Whatever the problem, there is someone who can help. The course instructor may be able to help to some degree, but they have a lot of other responsibilities. A tutor’s only job is to help you understand the material in the course.

At Atlanta Tutors, the people who work with the students are experts in their fields. They may be in college themselves or they may be professionals who have already passed the courses you are trying to desperately to succeed in. Whatever your position, Atlanta Tutors has a person who can help you.

Whether this is for help with a single concept or an entire course, a tutor may be the right person right now. Make sure the struggle stops right now.