If reading and arithmetic are seen as more important, writing is still just a small step below the other two. Composition is a skill that many students struggle with because it takes time and effort to put your thoughts down on paper. Of course, like any other subject, it will generally get better with time, organizing thoughts and regurgitating them is an issue that many students need years to do well.

One approach is to talk to the student about how they will use their composition skills throughout life. Writing is a building block because it is one of the most rudimentary forms of distance communication. Before the advent of the telephone and telegraph, people communicated with the written word and they had to become adept enough to make others understand them though they were some distance apart. Flash forward and it remains true. Sure, the sentences may have gotten smaller (many communicate in bites less than 160 characters), but composition is still essential to proper understanding.

Most schools teach writing using the same method because it has stood the test of time. Start with an introduction that ends with a thesis statement. Next should come the body of the paper that details what the thesis statement asserted. The final paragraph of the paper is a conclusion that restates the preceding paragraphs in a different way. In plain language, many teachers will tell you to tell your audience what you are going to say, say it, then tell them what you just said. Teaching composition in this way may seem trite and simple, but it is the basic format your student will use for the rest of their life.

If a student falls behind and is getting bad grades on their compositions, the teacher will probably give them some advice on how they can fix their paper. Unfortunately, this will probably be written in red pen and confined to the page itself. If your student does not comprehend what the teacher is saying, and the papers are always getting returned marked up, it may be time for a composition tutor.

A composition tutor is someone who understands how to write and is happy to share that knowledge with your student. The tutor understands the basic structure your student needs to learn and can help the student better select the words and phrases to place in a specific paper. By working individually with your student, the tutor can ferret out problems and fix them quickly.

Atlanta Tutors is an organization dedicated to helping you find the best tutor for your students learning deficits. A composition tutor will work directly with your child and make sure that they understand what the teacher is saying during lecture. The tutor will use more directed lessons or simply help the student understand the lessons that they have been given by the teacher. The tutor understands the utility of writing and wants to make sure your student has the proper grounding in the subject. It may be time to find a composition tutor who fits your student’s needs.