Human life apparently began, according to anthropologists, somewhere in the Middle East or Africa, but it couldn’t be contained there. People have always been nomads, seeking better pastures for their animals and lives for their families, so they spread out across the Earth. Over time, these people made it to what we now call Europe and established themselves in its different enclaves as individual peoples with individual tongues.

Europe is the seat of so much history because it was both fertile and caused diverse people to be in close contact. Where there are diverse groups, there are going to be conflicts and Europe is the definition of that fact. The history of this region is fascinating because it happened within a confined space, but involved so much that shaped human history.

Why should a student in the US care about what happened in Europe thousands of years ago?

Well, European history has a lot to do with US history. Of course, any student will realize that, but it may be difficult to make them care about it. The problem with a subject like history is that it is a lot of memorization and some students do not have an easy time with that. It is also a subject where the students need to be engaged by a teacher who is excited by the subject and sometimes the days are long and the teacher takes the same attitude as the students. Whether a student is in college or high school, sometimes specialty subject like European history are hard.

What that student who can’t seem to get excited enough to study needs is a tutor. Someone who will work with them individually and show them what the utility of the subject is. This particular student may not repeat history (as in Henry the VIII chopping off his wives heads), but there is always some degree if utility in history. A European History tutor is someone who has majored or minored in the subject and has a special affinity for it. They want to show students how exciting history is and how they can use the lessons later in life. Where would a whole generation of businessmen be without Sun Tzu telling them how to go into battle?

Atlanta Tutors wants every student who engages one of their tutors to have better grades and succeed in future classes because of the interactions they had with their tutor. Not only is a tutor to teach a particular subject, but they can also teach a student how to more efficiently study for the classes they will have next semester. A tutor should not just make the student better tomorrow, but for life.

When you hire a tutor for European history, or whatever subject, your student should improve across the board. One subject may be the focus, but it is a general lesson the tutor is teaching also. Learning can be fun, good grades are not hard to get with good work habits and you can do this!