The US has never declared that English was the official language, but it has become so by default. That language was spread over the entire world to such an extent that native speakers have not had to rely on being multilingual, so many who live in English-speaking nations are monolingual. This is one of the great shames of being from one of these countries.

Languages are the foundation of culture. To truly understand people, one has to look at them through their own eyes. This can only be accomplished when you know the native language well enough to see the world from a native perspective. Being able to speak and read in a tongue different from one’s own broadens their horizons.

French is one of the staple languages in the word because those native to France have had such a great impact in the rest of the world. Through colonization, culture, food and art, French people have given the world a great deal. Their language was once commonly spoken among the elite in Europe and it remains one of the most elegant and frequently spoken languages today. Although it has lost much of its worldwide prominence, it is still spoken by many people around the world.

Foreign languages such as French require students to learn long lists of vocabulary and learn the structure of sentences that is very different from English. So students have to be prepared to work hard in order to make good grades. It takes time to speak like a native, that is true, but it also takes some times to even learn the rudiments of the language.

Because Georgia requires that students take at least one year of a language other than English during their time in high school, many students will need additional instructions or long hours of study to get the grade they want. Long hours of study is one way to approach the subject, but a French tutor may be a better way.

A language tutor has to demonstrate a certain degree of fluency in the language and be able to instruct the student in the proper way to phrase words and include them in conversation. The tutor works directly with the student providing him or her with a lesson plan that is specifically designed for their learning style. Tutors and students study vocabulary, prepare for tests and complete assignments from the subject teacher. It is a relationship that improves both the student’s confidence and their grade.

When a student needs a French tutor, Atlanta Tutors works with them to find the perfect match. This means everything from the right personality to the timing of the meetings. In order to get the best grades a student has to have a tutor who is fully engaged in helping them learn and excel given the subject matter. Without this individualized instruction, many students would get poor grades and lose confidence in their abilities. A tutor is there to make sure that the student receives all the instruction and support they need.