Learning how to read a map is a skill that may one day save a life. Understanding the basic topographical objects, how a map shows the possible movement from on point to another, and the obstacles that may be in the way is essential knowledge for anyone going to a new area, however, reading maps is not what geography is all about.

It is the study of places. Geography is interesting because people are often isolated within their own small bubble of the world and they need to see what else is out there to be explored and learned. What is the capital of The Czech Republic? Where is Lake Titicaca? Can you walk from South China to Paris, France? Geography is about these places and how to find them on a map, but there is still more.

A geography course helps the student understand the different topologies that make up their world and what affect they have. The subject also provides a better understanding of the world in which they live in general. The topologies (the different lines on a map) may help them when hiking or determining whether they can walk comfortably around and area, but geography also provides knowledge of the culture and customs of different parts of the world.

Because we no longer can live in an isolated section of the world and not allow people in, an understanding of other people is useful. Especially if the student wants to seek a career in hospitality or business, they may need to understand more than just their own part of the world. It is a science concerned with the people and the places where they live.

Students who find it easy to memorize facts and locations will have an easy time with geography, but there are those who cannot remember what the names of the Great Lakes are (HOMES) or how far it is from the United States to England (~3000 miles). Though these may not seem like useful facts to the student, they may be at some point in their lives. If this subject does not come easily, they he or she may require a tutor.

A geography tutor knows more than just how to read a map and what the capitals of the fifty states are. He or she has the ability to see how the student is trying to memorize places and events and help use better methods. A geography tutor has the knowledge and insight to make your student into a geography scholar.

Atlanta Tutors specializes in placing the right tutor with your child. No matter what the reason they are failing to grasp geography, a tutor who understands the subject can devise a course of study that will make it easy for them. Sometimes the problem is simply boredom, but whatever the issue there is a solution. Making sure that your student has all the tools necessary to make them a success is every parent’s duty. Finding the right tutor could be the best educational decision you have ever made.