The thirteen original colonies of the United States are unique in geography and history. Everyone is special for some reason and that can all be seen by studying the unique history of the different states.

Georgia was not one of the very first to be populated, but it was one of the many that have been in existence long before the Revolutionary War. As most students of Georgia history know, the state started as a penal colony much like the nation of Australia. England had too many undesirable characters within its borders and they needed someplace to keep these people. Magistrates, at the time, were not very forgiving and even young children could be hung for stealing a piece of bread. Execution was very common, but so was banishment.

People in England were very proud of their nation, so banishment was worse than death. The original inhabitants of Georgia longed for England, but they made the place they landed into the great state it is today. They worked hard and built some of the greatest cities in the South and they built a society that future generations could be proud of. Georgia has a great history that any native can be proud of.

History though is one of those subjects though that students seem to have problem with. It is a course in which they learn the great history of their state, but it is also one in which they learn about the structure of state government and what important laws have been enacted. In other words, it is a course with a great deal of forced memorization. Students can either learn in this way or they can’t and if a teacher takes no further action (trying to engage students) then some can quickly become lost.

A Georgia History tutor can help your student get their grades up and teach them how to study in such a way that they will now be able to do better in other classes. These types of courses require the student to want to learn and many times individualized instruction will give the student that desire.

A tutor will look at what the student has had issues with and construct a learning plan based on this knowledge. When the student and the tutor meet, the instructor will also attempt to build a rapport with the student so that he or she feels that someone actually cares whether they learn or not. Besides making the subject more interesting, a tutor becomes a friend and helper.

Atlanta Tutors encourages its tutors to care for their students and the subject matter so that the student is eager to learn. Developing a specific plan of action helps the student see that the tutor cares enough to spend time to help them learn the subject. The efforts of the tutor are more than just at the student’s side, they spend time away from the student making sure that each lesson is something that will forward their knowledge.