There are two seats of modern Western language that have influenced the rest of the world. The Romans spoke Latin, which has produced the warm, singing, romantic languages of Italy, Portugal, Spain, and France. However, the most influential region has been Germany. When the Huns and other Germanic tribes conquered Rome and dominated Europe, they spread their harsh, guttural languages. From them, came German, Dutch, and English. These languages may not have been the most romantic, but they have long dominated the world of finance and conquest.

German is a language born on some simple principles and sounds that should seem right to an English ear. Old English was very like German, only being corrupted in later iterations of the language. The people in Germany developed a language that was a lot like their climate. It has some warm elements, but it is mainly cold and brutal. The preponderance of hard consonants and guttural expressions make it both simple and poetic at the same time.

All languages have their problems. Though German and English are somewhat similar, they are enough different in structure and sound, that it could be difficult for a student to learn it. Germans write very differently and it is sometimes hard to tell what words can be written together and how they are supposed to go together when you are writing them. Also, just because the language is like Old English, doesn’t mean it has any resemblance to the language spoken today. English and German are presently very different.
These facts together mean that a German scholar may well need a tutor to make sure that they can get through the difficulties of learning a new tongue. A tutor who instructs in a foreign language has to have a certain degree of fluency in that language and be able to relate its characteristics to a student who speaks only English. This can be especially difficult if the student has never spoken a foreign language before. Even though some of the structural elements are the same, it is still a problem teaching a new language to a student. A German tutor has to be able to relate it in simple terms that the student can understand.

Atlanta Tutors understands the difficulties that students have when learning a foreign language. They know that Language tutors have to be able to both speak the language and have the ability to relate it intelligently. The tutor must also make the subject palatable for the student. Meaning that sometimes a student becomes bored with a subject because they are performing poorly. The tutor is tasked with reengaging the student and providing him or her with a new perspective.

A good tutor can make all the difference for a student who is struggling to make good grades but has come up against a subject that stifles them. Even good students could benefit from the extra instruction a tutor provides. See if you can find the right fit for your student today.