Students see the daily news and wonder how events of the day affect them. There seems to be a constant war in Somalia with diverse warlords holding different sections of the country and now branching out into Kenya. The Russians are beginning what seems to be a takeover in the Ukraine, but it doesn’t make sense why they would try to grab territory that isn’t theirs. ISIS is always in the news these days and seems to be changing borders through terroristic means every day. The governments of these countries and entities are responsible for much of the chaos that exists in the world.

Although there are problems within the United States and other Western nations, instability does not plague these countries like it does others. Why?

Students may question how people in the US have been able to live for more than two centuries under a relatively stable form of government while others cannot. It is a question that can only be answered with an in depth look at the founding of our governmental system and the process the US has come through to establish the nation that now exists.

This process will sometimes seem dry, especially when a student is not yet aware of the importance of the election process and what it means to them personally. They may also need to understand exactly what other governmental types are like before they get involved in the process. Teachers will try to make the subject exciting with mock congresses and classroom elections, but it is not always enough to engage students. Some need a more direct approach to help them learn the intricacies of government.

A tutor can help even the most reluctant student towards an understanding of how the system works. Government, in its present incarnation, has many different layers even before it is separated into the local, state and national levels. In some areas it has become the largest employer. It behooves a student to understand the workings of government, not just because the course is required to graduate, but also because it helps them get involved in the political process. A tutor who has a specific knowledge set grounded in government can help the student become more excited by the process.

Atlanta Tutors has a number of men and women who have the expertise needed to be a government tutor for your student no matter what their age or need. Since government is a complex subject that includes many facets, a dedicated tutor may be better equipped to help the student with a one-on-one approach. Most people find the subject dry, but the right tutor can make it come alive.

When selecting a government tutor, ask questions about their knowledge base. This is not an opinion-based course, but you may be more comfortable with a tutor who has a particular political persuasion. Whatever the need of the student, Atlanta Tutors has a person who will be dedicated to the student and their needs. Government may be hard to understand, but that shouldn’t stand in your student’s way.