People have been writing for the last five thousand years (and possibly longer depending on what can be considered writing), and during that time, some of the greatest thinkers in world history have been imparting their thoughts to their progeny. Just because some of the greatest books ever written are ancient does not mean that they are not worthy to be read anymore. Sure, people wrote in a more stilted style in times past, but they conveyed incredible and worthwhile thoughts all the same.

Studying literature gives a student access to both the thinkers and their thoughts. Sometimes, this is in the form of nonfiction works, but, since literature is not concerned as much with nonfiction, works of fiction have just as much value for the student.

These works of literature convey the times during which they were written and the societies that existed in a way that modern authors cannot touch. Even if an author is a rapt student of a certain time period, they cannot impart the knowledge that a contemporary author could. That is one of the reasons for studying literature.

There are so many more:
• Literature develops an aesthetic sense in the student.
• There are a great many lessons to be learned from some of the masters of fiction.
• Writing should be learned from people who have done it well, and good literature is the best teacher.
• It is possible to learn so much more than writing from studying great literature.

The problem is that literature teachers seem to see codes and subtleties in literature that not everyone can discern. Some students read the words and are properly inspired by them, but they may have a difficult time with the symbolism that permeates most works. The teacher can try and impart how to see behind what the words actually say, but proper analysis is difficult if a student does not grasp the key facets quickly.

At this point, it may be time to seek the help of an experienced tutor. In the field of literature, the teacher does not have to have a degree in the field (though that is helpful), but they must be able to understand how the authors have worked symbolism into different work. More importantly, the literature tutor has to be able to grace the student with that understanding. Although all symbols may not be apparent, if the student can gain the ability to see some of the symbols and explain what they are, a lot has been gained.

The literature experts who work for Atlanta Tutors are skilled in the ability to parse the meaning from different works of literature. They can see the value in a work of fiction from any era and impart that ability to the student. Reading is more enjoyable if the undercurrent is grasped, but, mainly, it will help the student pass the class. A literature tutor is available to you no matter where you live in the Atlanta area. If your student needs assistance, it would be wise to make an appointment.