The human body is a fascinating mystery. How do the muscles act in consort to lift a finger? How does the skeletal system bend but not break when undergoing extreme stress? What are lymph nodes, and what are their functions? Many questions surround the human body and it can be difficult to decipher them even after studying a textbook and listening to a teacher.

Learning the names of structures is just a small part of what anatomy and physiology encompass. The human body is wonderfully complex, filled with nerve centers, hormonal actions, and other fascinating reactions that boggle the mind. To fully understand why an individual can perform even the simplest function can be relatively difficult.

In anatomy and physiology, students will learn about all the systems that make up the body and how they interrelate. For example, there are several filtration systems in the body that provide both clean blood and clean effluent. The liver is the major purge in that it provides the body with a means of getting rid of toxins and other types of waste products in the blood. The intestines, both small and large, filter out nutrients and fluid the body needs and sends waste further down the alimentary canal. Finally, the kidneys work to filter fluid and blood so that the body remains pure and detoxified.

The anatomy and physiology student is going to learn the facts in a great amount of detail and they may have issue with some of the more intricate workings of the body. Unfortunately, the teacher only has a short amount of time for each subject and they expect the student to learn as much as they can from the book. However, what if the book seems to be written in an alien language? What if the careful illustrations only tend to confuse the subject even more? At some point, a student is just going to give up and either drop the class or take the hit and take the class again at some other time.

There is a better solution.

Whether anatomy and physiology is being taken in college or high school, a knowledgeable anatomy and physiology tutor can help the student understand better what they are reading and being taught. By the time a student gets to this level, they probably know how to study, but they may not what to study. A tutor can devise a plan by which the student can focus their attention on the important parts of the course and come out with a better understanding.

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