Why does one nation govern different than another? Isn’t there a perfect system that would solve all the problems of the world? What about the system in the United States, why do its citizens believe they have a more perfect system than other similar governments?

Political science looks at government and how the basic differences among nations affect their populations, but it is more than that. Political science is about how people react to government and the best way to influence them for a particular candidate or system of government.

In the US and much of the western world, government is built on a Roman system of representative republic. This means that a section of people vote to have an individual represent them in local, state, or national politics rather than having to go vote on every issue themselves. This system, though now perfect, has been the cornerstone of recent government throughout the world. It is, as Abraham Lincoln said, government for, by, and of the people. So, how does politics fit into this system?

That is a more difficult question.

Politics are the means by which someone attains office and the group that they are identified with. A political system of belief is contained within a political party and the people adhere to a political party because it more closely allies with their personal beliefs. Politics is based on an opinion of how the government should be run and the clout to win an election to put that system in place. A political science major learns what does work now and what has worked in the past to determine the best course for the future.

Politics is largely based on cultural shifts that may not interest some students in the least. Since people in the United States are not allowed to vote until they are 18, a student may not see how this particular class applies to them. Political science also discusses the science of polling and other complicated subjects also, which can be difficult for some students.

As with any subject it is the duty of a tutor to decipher the student by looking at his or her previous work and seeing where logic or study has been a problem. The political science tutor should also look at what the teacher has assigned to determine the best course of action to bring the student up with the rest of the class. The job of a tutor is to use the guidelines the teacher has drawn and help the student thrive within those guidelines.

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