Having a tutor is often a stigma that a student doesn’t want, but it can be a need. Pre-algebra is one subject where a lot of students need the extra help whether they think they want it or not.

Why? Algebra is a new concept; a new way of thinking about math. Prior to this type of course, students were completing basic math problems that used obvious symbols and had only a very few paths to a solution. When a student is first confronted by a problem dotted with numbers and letters (unknowns), they will often balk at learning the concept.

It may also be the case that math was a problem even without the new concepts. People are different. Of course, this comes as no surprise, but in this context that means some students are able to complete even the most complex math problem without even thinking about it while others struggle with seemingly simple concepts. People have different innate abilities and need help with those subjects that don’t come naturally.

When it comes to a subject such as pre-algebra, students can become confused even if they are asking questions in class. The teacher listens and answers the question asked, not seeing the need for more focused help. If a student wants a B or better in the course, which corresponds to maintaining a decent grade point average (GPA), they may need to get focused help quickly or risk losing future opportunities.

Parents are busy making sure that their children have all of their basic needs met and they may not understand the subject very well anyway. Teachers have to give time to all of their students, so they do not have the time to spend a large amount of personal time with any one student. Enter the tutor.

A pre-algebra tutor is a subject matter expert who works with the student to discover what they do not understand and then determines a course of action to get them where they need to be. There are many concepts within pre-algebra that may be completely new to the student, so it may be difficult to find where to start, but the tutor is trained to do so. The concepts spring from basic math, so making sure that the student has a firm grasp of that type of math may be a starting place. Whatever the disconnect, a tutor can work directly with the student to discover what they problem is.

Atlanta Tutors is in the business of working with students in a wide variety of subjects no matter where they are located in the Atlanta area. A pre-algebra student will be able to select from a group of candidates who have the right qualifications and can meet them in a comfortable location.

More importantly, the tutor will be able to work with the student to find the exact point where they did not understand the curriculum and lead them to a better understanding. Your student should have every educational advantage.