A student who is a verbal genius may have a great deal of difficulty when it comes to quantitative efforts. The reason people freeze when they see a math problem, especially more advanced math such as pre-calculus, is:

  • They have been taught that it is going to be hard. It was difficult for many parents when they were students themselves so the language they use influences how their children think.
  • Solving for unknowns is an evolutionary conundrum. Think about it. In ancient history, people many times didn’t know where their next meal was coming from. They sometimes had to solve complex issues with little knowledge of the outcome. We learned to fear solving these types of problems from our distant ancestors.
  • It is boring, at least that’s what the student thinks. Math is often taught in a dry fashion, so students learn to dislike it.
  • It is difficult to see the utility. Pre-calculus is useful in a lot of different technological careers, but many students will seek occupations where the math burden is low. So, taking this type of class doesn’t seem important because when will they use what they learn?

So, there are multiple issues a student may have with pre-calculus and it may seem to them like they are drowning with no way to keep treading water.

The fact is that the subject may be difficult, but there is always help available. The calculus teacher only has so much time to give, but your student could seek the help of a qualified tutor to make sure that he or she understands what the teacher was trying to say.

A tutor can take a difficult subject and make it more easily digestible. A teacher stands in front of a room of 25 or more students and tries to teach so that each one gets what they need from the course. The teacher also has only a specified amount of time during the semester to teach what the college or school district requires. A pre-calculus tutor, even if they see the student only once per week, can spend a lot more direct time with a student than a teacher ever could. A trained tutor can also look at what the teacher taught during the week and decipher it for the student. The tutor gets to know the student and learns how he or she will best digest the information. By knowing the student, the pre-calculus tutor can help them understand the subject in a way the teacher never could.

Atlanta Tutors hires tutors who understand the material they will be teaching at an intricate level. They have studied higher levels of math, so explaining the concepts in a pre-calculus course are not an issue. The tutors are also willing to meet the students where they feel comfortable. It is a win-win situation for the student.