The United States is a relatively young nation that has been inhabited and colonized by a diverse collection of different peoples. The interactions between these varied groups form the history of the nation and provide the reasoning behind why the nation is where it is at the present time. An old saying has it that people who forget their history are doomed to repeat it, so studying that history, its flaws, and positive lessons are necessary for the future to be better.

Unfortunately, the stories become old hat after a while and students get tired of rehashing the same thing over and over. We all know that the South was opposed to the North because they were completely different as far as beliefs and economy. We know that slavery was the key issue. Columbus sailed in 1492, the Pilgrims landed in 1620, and the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. At some point, the dates and events all run together and seem somewhat unimportant.

History is a subject that all students have to take at one time or another and it really depends on the teacher whether they enjoy the class or not. It can be an exciting story time in which an engaged teacher fires up the class by making the subject come alive. Unfortunately, there are those teachers that think the dates are more important than the events that happened. These teachers can make it hard for students to learn. There is also the issue of memorizing long lists of facts, which many students are not good at.

What students need is someone who is interested in the subject and goes out of their way to make it real. A teacher who is less concerned about dates and helps students learn them through fun memorization techniques. This type of teacher keeps even the most disinterested student involved in the learning process.

Basically, what some students need is a history tutor. A dedicated professional who is happy to give time each day to students who need to learn history, but may not have the best approach. A tutor can work with a student individually and teach them the stories in the book as if they were interesting fiction. A tutor aids the learning process by providing the student a new look at the events they are learning in class.

Atlanta Tutors provides tutors who work with students in this way. They make learning fun and more personal because they are able to work directly with the students. A history tutor is someone who can provide the student with something that they may have trouble getting in school. Students need an explanation of the events from someone who loves the subject and is teaching it from that perspective. It gives the student the opportunity to learn history a completely different way because the tutor is interested only in teaching that student. History may have been boring and burdensome before, but a tutor who brings the subject alive has opened doors for the student.