Why is it important for a modern student to study the past as if it had any present relevance? Probably because it does.

The world is a big place and it has seen millions of years of habitation by humans. During this time, people have thrived in one civilization or another for different reasons, and they have invented items that make the present world a better place to live in. At one time, people ate raw meat because they had no means of heating it. Water used to be an extremely deadly substance because of all the microbes and diseases present in it. People have overcome much in world history, explored the globe (and beyond), and formed societies the reasons for which are hard to fathom today.

A student of world history learns how people shaped the world as they came to prominence in the Middle East and Africa. Then, they learn about how things got a little too crowded after a while and little groups started seeking other land farther away. Some went toward the East and formed the great civilizations there, some to the North into Russia, and still other traveled West to Europe. Eventually, humans would inhabit the globe (thanks to Polynesian fishermen and the Land Bridge) because there was no stopping the advance. All humans needed was a little bit of clean water and a food source.

World history also provides a sketch of how different civilizations formed, how they warred with each other, and when they were prominent. Many different leaders have assumed the right to rule the world, but it was always the known world. No one has ever conquered the whole thing. Students learn all of this with the attached dates, cultural attachments, and lists of peoples who have lived and played up to modern times.

The problem is that some students don’t want to know this stuff. Some students think that the world they live in now is the one they should know about (and they don’t know much about this one either). Genghis Kahn conquering Asia and much of Europe isn’t viral; some unnecessary things surpass that. Students need to understand how important former world happenings are and a tutor can help them both lift a grade and come to an appreciation of the subject.

A world history tutor is someone who has already studied the history of the ages and knows how to impart that knowledge to a student. He or she has a vested interest in the student and they want to share the love of the story. A tutor does much more than help a student get a better grade.

At Atlanta Tutors, it is paramount that students learn a subject in such a way that they come away setting their individual goals. If that is an A, then the tutor works hard with the student to obtain that objective. Usually, parents want their student to gain some insight while lifting the grade as much as possible. That’s what a tutor provides.