Atlanta for Kids: Fun and Educational Activities to do in the City

Whether you’re visiting for a weekend trip or looking for new ways to explore your own city, Atlanta is full of activities and adventures that are packed with educational experiences! Here is a breakdown of the best Atlanta activities for kids by the educational content you’ll encounter there.

STEM Activities for Kids in Atlanta

Are you looking to fit Science, Technology, Engineering and Math into your Atlanta excursions? Atlanta has many options for fitting STEAM learning into your activities and experiences.

Zoo Atlanta – With more than 1,500 animals from 220 species, Zoo Atlanta is a perfect way to expose children to science topics like ecosystems, classifications, animal movement, conservation, and camouflage! Engage your child further in the experience by encouraging them to be a scientist themselves – bring a notebook for them to take “field notes” and write or draw their observations. 

Georgia Aquarium – The Georgia Aquarium houses 100,000 animals in 7 exhibits that give a true look into life underwater. Take your educational experience a step further and go behind the scenes with animal encounters, tours, swims, and dives. 

Children’s Museum – The Children’s Museum is Atlanta’s best hands-on museum for toddlers and young children and they believe in the power of play. The museum offers exhibits that will encourage inventive problem solving, creative thinking, and imaginative expression. With rotating exhibits, the Children’s Museum provides novel experiences each time your kids visit!

LEGOLAND – From the LEGO Master Builder Class, to the Race Car Build & Test, to the interactive Atlanta Cityscape build with over 15 million LEGOS, LEGOLAND is sure to provide a thrilling atmosphere for your little builder. Time at LEGOLAND will encourage math, science, engineering, communication, critical-thinking and problem solving skills. 

The Escape Game Atlanta – Looking to engage your teen or older child in critical thinking, problem solving, and team building experiences? The Escape Game Atlanta is a great opportunity! You will enter an immersive world and be tasked with recovering priceless art or finding lost gold by applying STEM and team-building skills. 

History Activities for Kids in Atlanta

From the birth home of Martin Luther King Jr. to the extensive railroad systems we can thank for its existence, Atlanta is full of rich history and social science learning experiences. 

Fernbank Museum of Natural History – The Fernbank Museum of Natural History features permanent and rotating natural history exhibits that give a one-of-a-kind look into life before us. Exhibits cover a wide range of topics including Fantastic Forces, Reflections of Culture, and Giants of the Mesozoic (Dinosaurs!).  They even have an exhibit called “A Walk Through Time in Georgia,” providing kids with the story of Georgia’s natural history and the development of the part of our planet Atlanta lives on. 

National Center for Civil and Human Rights – The NCCHR is a museum and cultural attraction dedicated to sharing the story and accomplishments of the Civil Rights and Human Rights Movements. To make the most of your experience, download the personal guides and tailor your experience to any age kid elementary through college.

Outdoors & Fitness Activities for Kids in Atlanta

According to Child Development Specialists, children should spend 3 hours outside and in active movement per day! Atlanta has great options to help meet your kinesthetic learner’s needs. 

Atlanta Botanical Gardens – The Atlanta Botanical Garden is a 30 acres botanical garden in the heart of the city. Their mission is to “develop and maintain plant collections for the purposes of display, education, conservation, research and enjoyment.” In addition to experiencing the sights of the extensive collection of plant species, the Atlanta Botanical Garden offers weekly kids programming events, annual learning programs, an interactive children’s garden and a library. 

Piedmont Park – Piedmont Park is 185 acres of open space, walking trails, baseball fields, tennis courts and playgrounds, and is the most centrally located park in Atlanta. They are known for their festivals, dog parks, and city views. To make it an educational experience, Piedmont Park offers historic walking tours, summer programs and conservancy fundraisers for kids and the whole family. 

Westside Reservoir Park – Atlanta’s newest park, the Westside Park at Bellwood Quarry spans 280 acres and is filled with walking and biking trails, open lawn, playgrounds, pavilions, and features an overlook to the quarry and reservoir. Children of all ages will strengthen their physical health, social skills, communication, and independence when visiting Atlanta’s largest park. 

The Little Gym – The Little Gym is a children’s gym (infant – 12 years) that offers a number of learning experiences and activities including gymnastics, dance, karate, and sports skills. They also offer parent/child classes for the youngest learners, starting at 4 months old. Enrichment Programs and Clubs are learning environments that balance physical and cognitive development to prepare kids for school success. 

Aqua-Tots – Growing research is showing that swimming can provide a unique increase in brain development and has been shown to improve cognitive development, memory, communication and imagination. Aqua-Tots swim school provides a tested curriculum for kids aged 4 months – 12 years that teaches swim safety, skills and technique. They also offer swim clubs, swim teams, special needs and adult swim programs.  

Art Activities for Kids in Atlanta

Participating in the arts – singing, dancing, drawing, creating – is a natural way to engage all of the senses and prepare a child’s brain for optimal development. Atlanta has a variety of activities to expose kids to the benefits of the arts. 

Center for Puppetry Arts – Atlanta’s own Center for Puppetry Arts is one of the few puppetry museums in the world! The center offers puppet shows, puppet workshops and a puppet museum that are sure to spark imagination and creativity in the children who visit! 

High Museum of Art – Atlanta is truly lucky to house the High Museum of Art and all of the worldly pieces that have been displayed there. They feature permanent and rotating exhibits as well as events for all ages including Toddler Thursdays, family-friendly programming, and Jazz Fridays. Helpful Hint: Admission is free for all visitors on the second Sunday of each month! 

The Music Class – Rooted in music education philosophy, The Music Class offers an immersive experience that keys into the rapid early brain development of young children to nurture their music development. Their evidence based practices utilize music to encourage positive cognitive, social, emotional, physical and brain development! 

Impactful Businesses 

An educational activity tour of Atlanta wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the impactful businesses located in the heart of the city. Our older children especially will enjoy the special look into how these Atlanta-based businesses are run and possibly dream big about their futures!

The World of Coca-Cola – The World of Coca-Cola Museum showcases the history of the world famous Coca-Cola Company. Their exhibits provide an interactive experience in the company’s history, a production line, and a tasting room to sample 100s of soda flavors. 

CNN Center – Atlanta is home to Cable News Network’s (CNN) world headquarters. Your child is sure to dream big when they visit the CNN Atlanta Newsroom or take a CNN Studio Tour and see how teleprompters and weather maps work, the action inside of a newsroom, and get an up close look at the people on-screen. 

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