How to Find Tutor Websites for Your Tutoring Sessions

The recent pandemic has caused many parents to struggle with their children’s education needs. Schools were closed for months, then reopening was called into question. Many parents have been looking at tutor websites to see if they can get some personalized, instructional help for their kids. Our experts at Atlanta Tutors LLC would like to offer 4 tips to help you find the right fit for your family:

Consider Your Child’s Personality

Will your son or daughter respond to an online teacher on a tutor website? It will be a person that they have never met, and your child may not be comfortable working directly with this person. However, many tutors are skilled at making children feel comfortable and communicative.

Research the Grades the Company Tutors

Some tutor websites have K-12 listed as the grades they serve. Further research into the website will state they specialize in high school or college prep only. Make sure the website in question offers tutors that specialize in your child’s grade.

Learn Which Tutoring Subjects the Company Offers

When you search for tutor websites, you will see numerous options that offer mathematics and science tutoring exclusively. Very few offer language arts, history, or foreign languages tutoring. Be sure the company can teach your child what she needs. If you are looking for SAT prep, be sure they offer that.

Compare Pricing

Some companies will help your child throughout their school year. In the most common situation, you will pay by the hour or by the month. If they are getting SAT training prep, that can last several months for most people, but can be as short as a few individual sessions. Explore pricing options for your child’s exact learning needs–and the time tutoring is needed.

Keep these 4 considerations in mind as you look for the tutor website that you feel will work best for your family. If you have any questions, or if we can help your child in any way, please contact our experts at Atlanta Tutors, or call 678.412.5457.