Hiring Assistant Director

Atlanta Tutors LLC  seeks part-time, fully remote Assistant Director to help manage all aspects of our business.

The responsibilities for this position fall into five categories:

Client Relations:

  • Receiving calls from, and returning calls to, parents and students who are seeking information about our tutoring services
  • Emailing clients to provide information about our tutoring services
  • Calling existing and former clients to gauge their level of satisfaction with our services
  • Pairing clients with tutors
  • Tracking and managing client billing

Managing Tutors:

  • Announcing tutoring opportunities by email, phone calls, and texts to tutors and pairing tutors with clients
  • Evaluating performance of tutors

Human Resources:

  • Reviewing applications of prospective tutors.
  • Conducting preliminary phone interviews with prospective tutors.
  • Occasionally interviewing prospective tutors at local coffee shops and bookstores
  • Manage hiring process for new tutors
  • Making hiring decisions in coordination with other directors
  • Post and manage tutoring jobs on external sites


  • Collaborate with Director to develop relationships with teachers, school administrators, and community organizations
  • Helping with email marketing campaign and mail-outs
  • Identifying and periodically attending community events to promote business


  • Exceptional perception and implementation of prioritizing many responsibilities with extreme attention to detail and professional communication with clients
  • Maintain collaborative communication with Director regarding clients, tutors, and all other job-related information including weekly meetings


  • College degree from well-known university
  • Background in education
  • Knowledge of the Atlanta education scene (public and private schools, standardized tests, colleges, etc.)
  • Strong communication skills–written and oral
  • Impeccable character and professional appearance
  • Self-driven–ability to work independently
  • Belief in our mission to provide high-quality academic support services to students


The majority of the responsibilities for this position can be done from home. This position will require availability from 9-1pm or 1-5pm daily to be available to answer calls, make calls, answer emails, and send emails. It may be a combination of these hours, to be arranged with the Director. This will be around 20 hours per week during the academic year, but the position will require some flexibility on the part of the Assistant Director as the responsibilities of the position evolve and as the needs of the business ebb and flow with the academic calendar. During the summer, the demand for tutoring is significantly less, and the hours for the position will reduce accordingly.



Please email the following to [email protected]:

1) A cover letter  that describes how your prior work experience meets the specific job requirements for this position.

2) A resume that highlights qualifications and experience relevant to this position.