Georgia Milestones Tutoring

Now is the time to get tutoring for the Georgia Milestones Exam

If you are concerned that your child may not pass the Georgia Milestones exam, now is the time to connect with one of our Atlanta in-home tutors. Begin preparing as soon as possible.

Our tutors are well-versed in all Georgia Milestones subjects, and we have a proven record of helping Atlanta area students achieve higher scores. We have expert tutors for all of these sections of the exam:

  • English language arts
  • mathematics
  • science
  • social studies.

How are Atlanta area students scoring on the Georgia Milestones exam?

Despite the fact that scores have increased over the past few years, a large number of students are still struggling to pass the exam. Average pass rates for many Georgia schools remain quite low.

What are the main areas of the Georgia Milestones exam with which students struggle?

There are two main areas where students struggle:

1. the open-ended questions on English Language Arts and mathematics sections. 

In the past students could select between four answers that were provided for them. Now students have to come up with answers on their own. This is extremely challenging for many students and requires a higher level of master.

2. the writing component in response to reading passages in the English Language Arts part of the exam

Reading and writing are essential skills but many students struggle with both of them. Studies show that young people today read far less than in previous generations.  This makes the reading and writing components of the exam a real challenge.

How do our tutors help students prepare for the Georgia Milestones?

Our tutoring for the Georgia Milestones exam is targeted and personalized. We begin by obtaining a detailed understanding of the specific areas where students are struggling. This allows our tutors to focus specifically on these areas. This saves time and money.  It is also highly effective.

Our tutors will come to your home to provide individual, in-home Georgia Milestones tutoring.